LinkedPRO Media is a full service Bay Area based video production company. Our goal is to create a high end cinematic story that accurately illustrates your brand, captures the magic of your event, or helps you express a concept. We will build you a stunning video, even if all you have is a rough idea. We will take that idea, work with you to create a good story board, and then plan the video production, keeping you engaged all along the way to ensure your story gets captured and expressed the way you want it to.

People don’t want to buy from companies. People want to buy from other people, so that they can strengthen an emotional connection and feel good about the purchase. They want to buy from people with whom they have a real emotional bond. And that means they want to buy from people they know – whose stories they know.

When you’re looking for inventive, highly-creative videography, you want a production team that works closely with you to create videos that evoke emotion and promote long-lasting brand recognition and retention. At LinkedPRO Media, we care about your project as much as you do, which is why we use our professional experience and creative minds to develop a video that you can be proud to share with the world.

Our professional video staff can edit footage, create unique scripting, provide royalty-free music, and so much more. We want our passion to shine through businesses of all sizes, from small startup to large corporate conglomerate. And no matter who our client may be, they always receive the same unrivaled level of service.

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Contact us! We’ll discuss the project, goals, and intended audience and we will follow up with a flat rate proposal.

Moving forward, we’ll schedule the shoot date(s) and send you a questionnaire to pinpoint the messages and visuals that you’d like to showcase and who’d you like to appear in the video. We can help edit the script, develop themes, and ensure we’re all on the same page. We’ll collaborate with you to make the video a success!

We usually shoot with two cameras and operators along with necessary lighting & audio equipment. We will record the shots (interviews, scripted scenes, instructions, etc.) necessary to make your video a hit along with additional visuals (“b-roll”).

We will take the footage and expertly construct a compelling story. We will add soundtracks, titles, graphics, etc. to make the video come to life! Most of our projects take 1-2 weeks for the initial draft. From there, we will ask for your feedback and make updates.

The completed video will be delivered online via a direct download link. Take the video and upload to your website, social media, email signature, etc. Showcase and share it!

what is the process?

a majority of our promotional video projects are
completed in 3 easy steps"

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​We work to achieve your goal with your budget! Whether you're looking to shoot an affordable low-budget video or an elaborate high-budget one, we never compromise creativity and quality. 

The pricing and quote we give you is precise and detailed. In addition to some of our fixed full service video production rates, we customize your quote to fit your video marketing and advertising plans. 

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